A bug's life!

Grasshopper, ladybird, butterfly, blackwidow spider, house spider, then bee, woodlouse, caterpillar, ant. The first time this group of bugs came all together to practise the play was the morning of the show. Harry's mantra of, 'Don't show your bums to your mums.' was quite apt - except for the introduction when we wanted to surprise and delight. Great team work and a smashing job done by all. Children contributed to their parts and learnt them well. Some children bravely sang solos or duets too. The bones of the story was added to one glorious hot afternoon out on the park, where the children and Heidi threw in their ideas for the final play - thick and fast, small and large - brilliant

Challenge - match the prop to the character!

Our play has been performed! So, we can retrospectively post. Here are some of the props that the children have made for it. You can match them to the line up of the costumes in the next couple of posts. We can also reveal the secret to great prop and costume making (for bugs anyway) - black duck tape and safety pins - along with a lot of imagination, cardboard boxes, tennis ball tubes, backpacks, draught excluders, coathangers and packing material from a spin dryer - oh - and cheap pillow cases!

'No cameras'

No pictures yet. We don't want to spoil the surprise. But for the last 6 weeks we have been pulling our ideas together for the end of term entertainment. It's about some of the themes we have been working on during our afternoon activities - bugs, the weather and friendship. The children have been heavily involved in creating the final story, learning their lines, improvising their actions, learning songs, making props and costumes. And that's all we're saying until after the curtain is raised.

Lost and found

What a treat for us this afternoon and what a marvellous team effort to help this tiny creature to be safe and to survive. Andy, one of the Park Rangers, found a baby hedgehog wandering and bought it over to show us. We then spent a wonderful hour, improvising suitable shelter for it, asking our volunteer to bring in some cat food for it to eat encouraging it to drink water from a tiny container. Paul, the manager of the rugby club, contacted Tiggy Winkles and a new recruit on her day off came over to collect our new charge and take it back to the sanctuary in Windlesham. The children were absorbed in caring for this little one and were so gentle and patient. We felt very grateful to ha

'In an English Country Garden'

Practical life activities continue to be important within the elementary class. The nature of these changes as the children get older but preparing flowers to make our environment beautiful is a lovely activity. In elementary we call this taking care of our environment. Maybe you'd like to stop for a second to think about the many different elements involved in this task that you may take for granted - all the different steps to successful completion and tidying away. Not least, you have to control your movements to pour just enough water into quite small vases and learn to use the scissors to cut the wrapping and the secateurs to trim the stalks, safely.


Using the hands in conjunction with the mind is a big theme of Montessori education. This is an example of exploring and recreating the differences of different quadrilaterals. A younger child is doing a separate exploration of the Cabinet of Shapes.

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