Water, water everywhere

A few of the children have been working on geography projects over the last couple of weeks. Our youngest has been recreating land and water forms in clay and with paper. Two of the older children have been working dilligently with a new piece of material for them - the pin or flag maps of the continents - one on Europe and one on Asia, based on their interest. It is concentrating and engaging work which the children come back to over days. It was nice to see the children doing their work together but separately and helping one another out; and it gave both children a real sense of achievement to complete the goals they had set themselves. (And it was intriguing for us all to see differ

Fungi are fun 'guys'

There's been an explosion of mushrooms on the Home Park and the children with Swapnal, one of our volunteers, have been using our Montessori material to learn more about them, dissecting them to see the different parts (with gloves on) and identifying them against the charts we have in class. They have found 'mushroom motorways' on the Park and enjoy following their trails in the grass. The Park Rangers have been helping us see the differences between sweet and horse chestnuts and this has led to even more dissection and comparison. Observation and comparison is such a lovely skill to acquire and so useful for creating art and developing vocabularly.

Ears hear .... why?

The children have been exploring sound: vibrations, making rice dance, mimicing sound waves, thinking about the ways human ears are different from animals' and why, doing demonstrations in the Park on how sound carries. It's been a lot of fun over a number of afternoons.

The long black strip

This is the simplest of Montessori materials but such a powerful one. It summarises the Great Stories of The Coming of the Universe and The Story of Life to show us all where the arrival of human beings fits into the timeline - 'pre-history' and with the first civilisations that used symbols for recording. It's a magnificant sight to see rolled out and a magnificent lesson in our gratitude for others' work, the gifts that make human beings different, our ingenuity and creativity to solve problems and our responsibility for custodianship of the Earth. Most of this is never said when we roll out the long black strip, but it is there for the children to think about and to absorb. (Wondering

Torrential writing

Back to school and the children are buzzing - holiday reports, creative writing about how an estate agent might put together an ad for a habitat, work with the story starters, emails to the French students we want to encourage to be our pen pals, the list goes on. All this work is great fodder for future lessons in spelling, vocab and punctuation., but for now it's just time for adults to keep out of the way. This is a picture of one of our story starters which prompted a flurry of creative writing.

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