When I'm calling you ....

Two of the girls are organising a trip, on behalf of the class, to WIndsor museum. This is not a 'going out' in the strictest of senses in Montessori terms, but it has been a really good learning experience. Today, the children, with Heidi, one of our volunteers, have role-played and conducted their phone call to the museum. Take a moment to reflect on what you have to prepare in your mind to organise something on the phone. This was the girls' first experience of using the phone for something 'formal' where they did not know the person on the other end of the line. The call is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the preparation they have needed to do for us all to enjoy the museum visi

Sending you a hug

Children of elementary age are capable of great empathy - for others, for animals and for plants. The kindness and thought that the children in class have demonstrated for one of our volunteers who has been in hospital, is testament to this. One child, who doesn't like writing much, chose to practise all her writing first on scrap paper so that when she wrote the card on behalf of us all, it was as beautiful as she could make it. They helped choose flowers for her return and made her this gift - carefully selecting autumn coloured materials, copying their leaf shapes and weaving with rafia and deciding where to place their surprise so that the (not yet decrepit!!) recipient wouldn't have

Organisation of labour - elementary style

Figuring out how to work with one another - both to learn and to care for our environment - is an important process in a Montessori elementary setting. Making sure the snack area is clean is just one of the everyday tasks. It was lovely to overhear how this was organised today - 'You do 10 sweeps, then I'll do 10 sweeps.' Then today, we had a joyous clearing up after lunch - splitting the tasks with dancing to boot!

We received our level 2 gardening award from the RHS!

Exciting day today - we received our level 2 gardening award from the RHS School Gardening scheme. The children were so excited to open the package - our certificate and a gardening book full of projects that we spent a little time exploring this afternoon .

'Hello neighbour, what do you say ...

It's going to be a beautiful day' If you were returning from holiday, wouldn't this be a lovely note to see as you walked through the door? 6-12 year olds can be wonderfully blunt and they can also be remarkably kind and considerate.

A moveable feast

Autumn theme going on here - from small acorns, mighty oaks etc .... We had a great morning. Colder mornings have lent themselves to tea making, to have with snack. This means one more thing on a small snack table has been fighting for space. As with all things, there are pros and cons for having a bigger, differently shaped, alternatively located table, some with potential consequences that the children wouldn't necessarily be aware of. But - two 7 year olds and one 51/2 year old were handed the problem to think through - where, what and why, with such a great result. The discussion was so positive (I listened in from afar), their logic well explained and the children were so proud whe

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