Greenhouse Gases

Our work on the Arctic and Antarctic has very naturally morphed into an enquiry about receding ice and glaciers and global warming, fitting for 6-10 year olds. Trying to enhance the book and atlas explanations was a revelation in itself, since the understanding gleaned from my input was that 'global warming is a result of too many greenhouses.' It took someone else to do a much better job and the result of the intervention was this stunning poster, demonstrating great understanding and yes, we will work on the spelling over time. We used this work to drammatise the impact of greenhouse gases and started an experiment on the impact of the release of carbon dioxide on temperature.

Fair Trade

Although there's been little in the local shops about it, we're in the midst of Fair Trade Fortnight. We've discussed 'fairness' as a general concept with the help of one of the Snail Tales stories and acted out a food supply chain for the banana. We are now collecting examples of Fairtrade products and figuring out where in the world they come from. Why do they come mostly from the southern hemisphere and why is it that it is mostly countries from the northern hemisphere which buy them?

Skeletons in the park (not in the cupboard)

We braved the wind and our papers flew everywhere. And what you don't see here is the wonderful chase to catch up with them as they skit scattered, tumbled and flew across the park. Nor do you get the feel of our delight in finally reeling them all in, a bit trodden on and tattered - a race against time before we badly littered our park with twig identification sheets - slightly ironic! We were out sketching skeletons - seriously. Skeleton trees.

Arctic Winter!

All this talk about insulation has led to explorations about winter generally, art projects, research into the Arctic and Antarctic and the discussion has flowed to investigations into global warming. We've looked at atlases, animal encyclopaedia, YouTube, science and weather books. One of the products of this work has been the creation by two students of a game for the whole class about which animal lives at which of the poles .

Lights, Cameras, Action!

Yesterday was our first day back and we talked about and conducted an experiment on insulation. So, today, the children came in well layered up! Today has been a grey, cold day. And it prompted us to think about potential new students who will be joining us later this term who are coming from a southern hemisphere summer to a new country in winter. New country, new climate, new school - - and in honour of this, the children decided to create a welcome video to send to our new students to show them our setting and to introduce themselves to new friends to help them feel more at ease. It was great fun to watch and to participate in - and really interesting to see what our students felt w

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