A bit of a hiatus as they wait for each other to be in class and just before half-term is not the best time to make fresh biscuits for snack - but we have class biscuits to enjoy. One of the things about helping the children flex their independent thinking is to keep out of the way as much as possible for the learning to be enjoyed. The biscuits may look as though they are E Number happy - but the girls forgot to add sugar to their biscuit mix, so the icing was really a nice treat! So we shared them with gratitude.

45p? £8.50? £1.67?

Two of the children have planned their next 'going out' to shop for supplies to make biscuits for class snack. They have chosen the recipe, worked out what ingredients we have and therefore what we need and discovered that out of date ingredients don't throw themselves out on their own. It's taken a couple of attempts due to student sickness but a shopping date materialised and a cooking session planned for the day before the start of half-term. So we'd have biscuits but no one to eat them. Compromise reached after negotiation 1 - shopping now in preparation for cooking after the break. The girls estimated what money they needed for this trip and it realistically came to £8.50. I can buy

Art historians beware- blobby is an official descriptor

'More blobby' becomes a new dictionary definition. When asked which impressionist paintings were more likely to be dated later as opposed to earlier, one of our students thought about it for a bit, made his pitch and gave his succinct reasons why. Part of our afternoon included looking at work by some of the Impressionists close up and further away as we read the story of Katie and the Impressionists. A piece of research on the Ancient Greeks, led to the making of 'knuckle bones' in clay - an early form of the game we know now as 'jacks'. These will dry over the weekend, ready to be painted and played with next week. Maybe we can use the Ancient Greek way of voting to lobby for our new a

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