Easter Eggs

Last day of term and we had a production line going in order to get it all done in time. Wednesday afternoons are compacted because of the French lesson so we had to get a wiggle on as a group to make our biscuits, cool them as best we could, sandwich them together with lemon curd and dust with a significant layer of icing sugar - ready to take home to share with siblings, parents and grandparents. It was a rush but a lovely collegiate activity for our last day of term.

Oceans 11

Wanting to do more work in zoology, led to a sustained piece of work looking at the different layers of the oceans and the type of life these sustain. The research was then portrayed in a beautiful piece of artwork using watercolours to create a poster which brightened up our environment stunningly.

Building a bridge to ...

... combining two big interests - creative writing and history. A decision was reached in looking at A Street Through Time, to write a story from the viewpoint of the bridge. After the first attempt, we chatted about just how easy might it be to construct a wooden bridge using quite rudimentary tools. (ERM) So, a self-selected piece of work followed - to build a bridge using no sellotape - and to then incorporate the experience with a bit of imagination and make the story come alive.

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