Wheels within wheels

Our group have been exploring circles - in nature, in the environment and with the geometry cabinet. Following on from the exploration of the parts of a circle, some of the children have been experimenting to find a general rule for calculating the circumference.

Are emojis the hieroglyphics of the 21st century?

Are emojis a step forwards in how we communicate or are we reverting back to beyond the language of the ancient Egyptians? This was the question posed in an article by Julia R Deathridge of the Petrie museum in London. It was a great starting point for debate at the beginning of a new term, labelled What Do You Think? Are emojis a useful shortcut or a reversion to only being able to communicate as far as the pictures will allow? The elementary years in a Montessori setting are about helping children to think for themselves - to come up with good questions, apply their reasoning minds and make their own opinion. Great skills and abilities to support them in life generally and very useful f

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