From this to this

On our way back from the 'going out' organised to interview a Chinese herbologist, the girls bought a beautiful white rose for Rowan to use in his botany experiment. What a transformation (not necessarily for the better! ) but a good demonstration of how a plant draws up water right to the tips of its petals. This botany work came out of the practical life activity of cutting and arranging the flowers for our classrooms. Rowan noticed the capillaries in the tulip stems and the work continued from there. The first pictures are the changes observed in a time span of within half an hour to the end of one day. The final picture is 4 days later.

The Power of Dandelions

Having reflected on the balance of work in her folder, one of the children wanted to do more work in botany and decided to study poisonous and medicinal plants. Swapnal, one of our volunteers, has a medical background and she made for a good interviewee. The study then led to the preparation of a 'going out' to the local Holland and Barratt store and to a local Chinese acupuncturist who was happy to be interviewed about plants used in Chinese medicine. This entailed role playing the phone call to set up the appointment and the writing of a thank you note afterwards for the time spent. Thank you to Dr Ren at Eastern Natural Care, Windsor - who explained that rather than being the delinquen

Wind in the Willows literally

A walk down to the Thames at the end of our 'back garden', on an extremely blustery and bracing afternoon to make sketches to inform the creation of our 'backdrop' for the end of term entertainment - to the creeeeeeaaaaak of the branches above us. We didn't stay long!

Henley River and Rowing Museum

We've been working on a big project that will culminate in our end of Spring term entertainment. It's brought together work in art, botany, zoology, music, drama and a 'field' trip to this delightful museum where we took part in a couple of workshops run so engagingly by Maddy. We were learning about the habitats of the animals that appear in Wind in the Willows and exploring the differences in the characters in the story with their real way of life.

Making everyday objects beautiful

To prepare for our museum visit where we have the opportunity to tour the current downstairs exhibit, we discussed the work of William Morris. One of the lads explained to his mum that William Morris created designs so that poor people could have beautiful things too.

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