Fees for the Elementary Class

2021/2022 Academic Year

1 or more afternoons per week

£25 per session

2 full days per week

£50 per day

3 - 4 full days per week

£45 per day.                (language lessons included in the fee)

Language lessons (optional)

For children attending part time, the fee for participating in Spanish or Improvers' French is £8 per lesson.  

To participate in both French and Spanish lessons, the cost is £14 per week. 

Tennis lessons

To join the group just for tennis, costs £8 a lesson. 

Otherwise, this is included in the cost of attending a full afternoon session

Additional Information
  • Sibling discount is available.  This is 20% for children attending 3 plus days; 10% for all other arrangements.

  • All children need to bring a packed lunch. 

Payment of Fees
  • ​Fees are paid before or on the first day of the term. They can be paid in full, in two instalments or monthly. 

  • Fees cannot be refunded if the child is absent from school but your child is welcome to attend on an agreed alternative day/session to make up for the absence.

  • No refunds can be made for missed language lessons

Notice Periods
  • For afternoon only students:     two weeks' notice is required

  • For full day attendees:               a month's notice is required