The Elementary Class

We are a term time setting.

Our class day is from 9am - 3.45pm.

We currently operate Monday - Thursday.

We welcome children from the term after their 5th birthday* to 12 years. 

​​Ours is a mixed-aged, Montessori setting, where children have access to a broad and robust academic curriculum and are encouraged to develop their leadership, planning, priority and decision making skills.  We are a community of learners.  


Home-schoolers are welcome to join us on 1 or more afternoons

starting at 12.15pm with lunch, or they can opt to attend for

2 or more full days.  (We do not provide an option of attending

for 1 full day.)


Spanish lessons (on Thursday with BilinguaSing) are additional

to the fee, if chosen as an option.

Tennis lessons (on Monday afternoons) are included

in the fee.

The Butterfly Lion

By Michael Morpurgo

Touching the Rainbow

By Patricia Armstrong

Just Ask!

By Sonia Sotomayor


For more ideas for great reading books for the elementary age

Click Here

Our Class Read-Aloud

(*We encourage children to stay at their Montessori pre-school, primary setting or Children's House to beyond 5 years and gradually transition over to us, at the right time for them, developmentally. We are unlikely to register a child under 5 1/4 years old)

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