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Our Setting

We work in partnership with parents to provide an additional option for  primary aged children who are home-educated.  We welcome children from the age of 51/2 to 12 years.  We are a mixed aged setting. 


Our setting is based on Montessori principles.  The class is owned and managed by an AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) qualified guide.


We provide children with the opportunity to learn in a community as well as supporting lindividual learning.  Children have access to a broad range of academic activities and are encouraged to develop their leadership, teamwork, planning, priority and decision making skills. 

​We are a term time setting.   We currently operate Monday - Thursday.

Our Class Read-Aloud
(We have a read-aloud book for each day of the week.) 

Journey Under the Sea 

R A Montgomery 

The Unexpected Tale of Bastien Bon Livre

Clare Povey

Short stories from The Story Shop

compiled by NIkki Gamble


J D and the Great Barber Battle

J Dillard


For more ideas for great reading books for the elementary age

Click Here

Children join us on 1 or more afternoons starting at 12.15pm with lunch, or attend for 2 or more full days**.  (We do not provide an option of attending for 1 full day.) 

We are a setting, not a school.  As such, we adhere to the rules of such a provision.  Whilst 'full time' education is not currently defined, we abide by the typical definition of full time being 18 hours or over.  Therefore, we can have no more than 4 children attending for 18 hours or more (3 plus days**). 

Spanish lessons (on Thursday with BilinguaSing) are additional to the fee, if chosen as an option.



Tennis lessons (on Monday afternoons during the summer months) are included in the fee.

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