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Bugs, Beasties and Henri Rousseau

We have been looking at invertebrates. Fascinating! And it really does help moderate adult behaviour to be a role model when bugs and beasties crawl out from under the radiators!

We had a group trip to RHS Wisley today. Their half term activities for children included bug making masks. And what better way to continue our work on Henri Rousseau than to do what he did - getting his inspiration from visiting the tropical Glasshouse. Wisley's summer theme is Enid Blyton's The Famous Five which looks as though it will be a lot of fun. The children were bowled over by the exuberant colours of the gardens, the scale of the plants and the enormity of the sculptures - one 7 year old exclaimed that she wanted to create beautiful gardens when she gets older. We had such a lovely day (even though their vegetables don't seem to get as eaten as ours have!!)

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