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A bug's life!

Grasshopper, ladybird, butterfly, blackwidow spider, house spider, then bee, woodlouse, caterpillar, ant.

The first time this group of bugs came all together to practise the play was the morning of the show. Harry's mantra of, 'Don't show your bums to your mums.' was quite apt - except for the introduction when we wanted to surprise and delight. Great team work and a smashing job done by all. Children contributed to their parts and learnt them well. Some children bravely sang solos or duets too.

The bones of the story was added to one glorious hot afternoon out on the park, where the children and Heidi threw in their ideas for the final play - thick and fast, small and large - brilliant fun. The children made costumes, scenery, props and improvisations over the last few weeks to bring it altogether.

Parents, siblings and guests thoroughly enjoyed it and the picnic afterwards. A big thank you goes to Uschi, Swapnal and Heidi especially for their support in learning the songs, helping with rehearsals, helping with bug research and helping with prop and costume making.

Happy summer break to everyone. See you on the flip side.

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