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A moveable feast

Autumn theme going on here - from small acorns, mighty oaks etc .... We had a great morning. Colder mornings have lent themselves to tea making, to have with snack. This means one more thing on a small snack table has been fighting for space. As with all things, there are pros and cons for having a bigger, differently shaped, alternatively located table, some with potential consequences that the children wouldn't necessarily be aware of. But - two 7 year olds and one 51/2 year old were handed the problem to think through - where, what and why, with such a great result. The discussion was so positive (I listened in from afar), their logic well explained and the children were so proud when they had implemented their decision, having created a well organised space beautified with the flowers. It was a wonderful demonstration of a big theme for this age - 'Help me to think for myself' - and a reminder to the adults in our community to find as many ways to create these opportunities as possible.

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