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"Anyone knows an ANT, cAN'T, move a rubber tree plANT"

But we can lift an elephANT

Well one of the children could, if she were a trapdoor spider, lift the equivalANT (sic),

A piece of zoology research from the end of last term became a maths' issue today. We worked out what we could lift if we borrowed the strength of the trapdoor spider which can lift 140 times its own weight.

To continue with the Frank SInatra lyrics, they had 'high hopes' when we did another comparison to make the point still further. The children tried lifting each other (under supervision) and found it almost impossible to do. Good fun and great maths.

(Technically, she could lift a giraffe and rhino easily and only half an elephant - but it didn't rhyme so we used some poetic license for this blog.)

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