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Over the last 3 years, we have ignored the advice from our gardening books, tried wishful thinking, throwing hard earned cash and talking to them - but (surprise, surprise!) we have not been able to grow vegetables particularly successfully under the heavy shade of the sweet chestnut trees.

So, rather than continue to fight against prevailing conditions, a leadership project for two of the children has been the creation of a pond for one of our raised flower beds with the added benefit of attracting different wildlife.

This will also enable us to apply for our Level 3 RHS School Gardening Award further down the line.

The project has involved voting, research and planning a going out by bus to buy supplies, with some wonderful learning along the way. In response to the comment about why we weren't going by car as it would only take 10 minutes:

What time does the bus go?

We go from bus stop G

That's interesting. What time does the bus go?

We have to leave about 9.30

That's interesting. What time does the bus go?

It takes about 20 minutes

That's interesting. What time does the bus go?

I didn't make a note of that

Many thanks to Maidenhead Aquatic Centre in Dedworth Road for their help and engaging with the children in such a positive way.

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