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Kit Wright's Magic Box and our Magic Journey

Whilst we were at the Henley Museum, we came across a posed question prompted by the many different travels contained within the Wind in the Willows: What journey would you like to go on and what would you take with you?

We brought this idea back with us and used it to inform our own work - The Magic Journey - based on the format of Kit Wright's poem. Instead of 'I will put in the box, we have, 'I will take on my journey.' The class generated some lovely ideas - hotdogs to cook on the journey to the centre of the Sun; an ebony recorder to play to the different animals along the Amazon; a hedgehog to carry the climbing gear; a dentist's mirror to help fix sharks' fillings in the lost city of Atlantis; a keyboard to join in the rhythms of the beating drums of Africa. We used these images to create a poem after the style of The Magic Box.

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