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The Montessori Materials as Teachers

The idea that there is control of error within the materials starts in Children's House and permeates through to the elementary class. It doesn't always need an adult to highlight what it correct and incorrect in a child's work. Often the materials will help the children see for themselves.

When you have to raid other maths materials, not just once but several times and then when you still don't have enough hundreds, go on to raid the beads in the craft cupboard - something is telling you that you haven't quite got square root nailed with the pegboard!

And the lead teacher can get a cup of tea!

Mar 4, 2022


with Anu Garg





noun: 1. The act of guiding, leading, or introducing. 2. Something that guides, leads, or introduces.


From Latin manuduction, from manus (hand) + ducere (to draw, lead). Earliest documented use: 1505.

This week’s theme Words originating in the hand


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