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the Montessori Elementary

Class - Windsor

Education for the whole child

for their whole life


Our class exists to welcome 2 communities of




- independent minded, home-

educated children who will benefit from

learning in a community too. 

- children who have attended a Montessori Children's House / nursery and who want to continue their Montessori education to 12


We are currently open from Monday

to Thursday.

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See a snippet of our 

class activities

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Contact us

We look forward

to speaking with you

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Parent Resources

Applying Montessori in the home

and Montessori for under 5s

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Our Class

What makes

us different

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Term dates and

any special events

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Home Ed Contacts

Other resources to support

home education



Options for

joining us

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Montessori for 6+

Montessori Vs Traditional

We are currently managing a waiting list for places in the class .
You are very welcome to phone to chat about what you are looking for for your child and to see if you would like be added to the wait list.