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Montessori for Elementary Aged Children

Elementary aged children have reasoning minds, a thirst for knowledge, a sense of wonder, an attraction to peers and are growing towards intellectual independence.  

In a Montessori elementary setting, the children are offered the big picture through the Great Stories, which provides a context for their learning and allows your child to make connections between subjects. 

Your child moves from using the concrete Montessori elementary materials to the abstract, to explore the areas of language, maths, geometry, geography, history, botany, zoology, science and music. 

We provide the space for your child to work collaboratively with their mixed-aged peers on projects and for them to act as teachers of and leaders of one-another. 


Elementary aged children are learning to work in groups and are testing out their moral stance - we provide a practice community to support these all important skills that will hold your child in good stead as they develop into the teenage years and into adulthood.

A Montessori environment promotes time management, priority setting and decision making skills - which are key executive functions for successful living and work. 


We encourage children to think for themselves, to be curious and to explore the answers to their questions - we help the children to say:                                                                                

'I can think this through by myself.'

Life, The Universe and Everything

By Steven Hughes, Neuroscientist


Your child loves his or her Montessori preschool, and you are probably now congratulating yourself on having chosen well, even if a little blindly.


In the Montessori early learning environment, your child has built a great foundation for a lifetime of learning and achievement. As your child matures out of the period that Montessori described as “the absorbent mind,” and into the period of “the reasoning mind,” are you wondering what lies ahead?


The Montessori elementary environment challenges developing cognitive skills and fosters collaboration, debate, problem-solving, creativity, and exploration of the interdependent systems that comprise our world.

Montessori in the elementary years supports academic, cognitive, social, emotional, and moral development

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