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Up, Up and Away!

We have been studying the work of air and the history of flight over the past few weeks, making timelines, marvelling at the bravery of the first people to launch themselves off of towers, to fly next to naked flames in early balloons and to have nothing between them and the earth but canvass and rope. To cement our work, we went on a field trip to Brooklands museum. Thank you to Tanya for her help with this.

Our tour took us from almost the earliest aircraft from Brooklands to Concord; looking at golden toilets on private aircraft; working in the aircraft factory, with clocking on and clocking off; and making loopy gliders which we tested outside. One of our volunteers has flown in Concord as a passenger and she was able to swap stories with us and the Brooklands volunteer to make more real that experience. We had a really fun day.

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