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The Birth of the Universe - as told by the children

The more experienced children in class have heard the first of the Great Stories many times - and for some, this is likely to be their last opportunity to experience it within our setting before they move onto pastures new. In celebration of their responsibility, they were invited to recreate the story themselves to present to our less experienced and new class members, with the only proviso that they treat it with gravitas.

This has been a long work, undertaken with a lot of thought. The children have had to navigate different timetables of attendance, work as a group to understand the charts and demonstrations and then come up with their own way of re-telling the story.

We were treated to a wonderfully put together narration, using powerpoint and video. It was done their own, highly individualised, way. True to form, they also provided us with the 'bloopers' and outtakes, some real, some crafted, shown separately.


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