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'And We're Still Waiting'

To badly paraphrase a very old Diana Ross song!

One of the first 'goings out' for a long time organised by the children was to do the planning and shopping for their challenge - to create for the group a salad made entirely of fruits, even the dressing, that a scientist would classify as fruit but the greengrocer wouldn't, to have with our lunch.

We rely on our wonderful volunteers to supervise goings out and so, to make life kinder, we all walked up to 'the station' to meet Heidi so that the older children could carry out their of the challenge and us others could go to the museum.

The train was on time. No Heidi. The children were disinclined to consult the timetable or to ask a ticket collector, so they waited for the next train. Meanwhile Heidi was waiting patiently at Windsor's second station. The penny dropped eventually. 'Is this the station you sometimes bring Heidi to?' 'No'.

Lunch was a little later that day. But the salad was delicious and very thoughtfully presented to take into account that tomatoes, by some of the children's standards, should be classed as 'non food', whilst others love them!

(To make up for the fact that the 'museum group' had had to wait too - such a huge hardship - not really - we used it as an excuse to treat ourselves with a cup of hot chocolate first!)


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