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'Feeling Hot, Hot Hot' by Wet, Wet, Wet

It was asking to happen - we have the solution, so now find a problem to make use of it. The heatwave provided just that. Our gazebo 'canvass' has been used a multitude of times to create dens. This summer and near the term end, has been the perfect time to use it to create not one, but two, Olympic-Sized Swimming (paddling!) pools.

The children came up with the idea, the bargaining/marketing ploy/proposal and the promise to use the contents afterwards to water the garden. A joyous time!

It also had to happen that paddling turned into an all out water fight and self-dunking malarky. All it took was one accidental splash and then no holds barred! Not a dry eye/limb/torso in the vicinity - including the adults if they weren't alert enough!

To paraphrase the famous saying, 'Some are born wet, some achieve wetness and some have wetness thrust upon them.'


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