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'Back on the Chain Gang'

With donations from the 4th edition of 'News for Kids' the children chose to support Ukrainian refugees via the Disasters Emergency Committee (EDC), researched by one of the children. The publication came out just in time for the end of the summer term.

Editors were voted for and co-opted, a mix of new and experienced, to co-ordinate articles, their choice, their completion and their fit for publication; together with the writing of an editorial, design of cover, copying and collation. Thinking of our impact on the environment, this time around, we printed off just one copy for each family and then sent on a soft copy for onward distribution to friends and relatives.

One of the lovely things to see is how the children's contributions to the magazine change, develop and grow over time.

It's a tough life being an editor. The children gave themselves time off for good behaviour on the chain gang!


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