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Macmillan coffee morning (s)

To give all the children a chance at preparing, baking and selling for Macmillan this year, we organised ourselves into 3 teams. We found a naturally talented marketeer in our midst with a wonderfully pleading visage and a talent for wording home made stickers. We baked blueberry muffins, chocolate chip cookies, cheese scones and gluten free biscuits - ensuring we have enough for special snakes afterwards too.

This is a super opportunity for the children to think of others, to take responsibililty, to plan and implement a project from beginning to end, to handle money, to meet and greet the public and get out of their comfort zones a little in doing so. And it is lovely to hear the conversations along the way - "Why are we using plastic?"

"If you put the food in the bag and I do the money, it will be more hygienic."

It all starts with a phone call to get permission from the Borough to do this - and that takes courage and preparation.

So well done to all and a thank you to members of the public who were kind and generous.

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