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Architect Ambassador

Since November, Antonio Capelao, an Architect Ambassador for RIBA, has been running architect and design workshops for us.

The first workshops focused the children on our immediate surroundings. The children drew sketches and made models of our immediate environment. They then designed their ideal indoor children's spaces before making models of their designs. They have now voted on the design to be taken to the drawing stage and the final workshop will be held in March for the drawings to be presented by Antonio. All along, the children have had to present and stand up for their ideas and get feedback from the group which even the youngest have enjoyed.

We were treated to a visit of The Cork House in Eton as part of these workshops. The Cork House is a fully sustainable house which has won awards. Matt explained the invention and manufacture process, the children were able to experience how the 'bricks' fit together and we were able to see the building for ourselves.

It's been a fun and informative process. We go to the RIBA London HQ in April for our final workshop and for a tour of the locale to look at different styles of architecture in the City.


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