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The Fruit Box and Veg Bed

The focus of this term's woodworking sessions has been to apply the skills learnt and practised on individual projects to something practical. Our 'fruit box' needed a new trellis which, when fitted, showed that the bottom container needed re-building too!.

We have been given permission to create a 'veg bed' (named by the children) on a wall that might actually bear produce with success, given that it has more light and more warmth. (We travel hopefully!) A second group have designed it, planned the materials needed, built it and painted it.

Another small group are researching what we might plant there this season. A few years ago, we achieved our level 1 and 2 RHS School Gardening Awards. Creating the Veg Bed has led to renewed interest by a few students in re-visiting this scheme this year.


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