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October - '100% by Kids for Kids'

So says the strap line for the 3rd edition of the magazine. The class have been working towards the completion of their News For Kids for a publication deadline of end of half term.

This is a mammoth undertaking of co-ordination - of hustling for completed articles, editing, writing an editorial, ensuring all is fit (enough) for printing and collation of an ever larger product.

This is it, hot off the press, ready for a huge collation effort which lasted a day because some fairly vital elements had not survived the printing process well. There is a balance to be had between using up a ream of paper on printing and the learning to be had from working as a team, to a deadline, to get something completed. The children felt as though they had really accomplished something big, which they had.

It will prompt a discussion though for how we manage a more environmentally friendly process for the 4th edition when the next time comes around.

We further embellished (complicated!) it this time by co-ordinating publication with the participation in the bake sale fundraiser for Helen and Douglas House Children's Hospice.

Some of our children don't enjoy baking, so they took on the much needed organisation side of the operation - phoning the hospice fundraising team for PR materials, organising the bake sale table and co-ordinating with the magazine editorial team to make sure both projects aligned, keeping track with their now named 'sweet on a stick' method of planning.

It was the first time we had baked fully gluten free and our cookies were lovely and very sweet- so a learning for next time will be to find out how we can reduce the sugar content and still get a coherent cookie. Thanks go to Heidi, one of our volunteers, who kept a watchful eye on a very busy oven!

It was a lovely joint project finale to a very busy half term.


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