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'C' Day

With talk beginning of what's going to appear on Christmas present lists, Christmas ordering forms and chocolate santas appearing in supermarkets, it is most definitely a good time to be thinking and doing something for others, not focusing on ourselves!

The children enthusiastically organised a different type of 'C' Day - a Cookie Day - to join in the rundraising for Macmillan. 2 of the older children phoned the Borough and then sent an email to find out whether we needed a licence, then conducted some local market research to find out a good spot to sell their cookies, what kind of price our potential customers would be willing to pay and if th

e people they chatted to would be around the following week to buy them!

Whilst this was going on, the younger children were making posters and bunting for our little stall.

The children counted their takings and sent off our contribution to Macmillan.

This is the first time we have completed a project like this and feeling flushed with success, we have asked the Borough if we can do something similar once a term. We can then vote to select which charity to support.

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