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Say 'sausages' and learn a new code

The girls wanted to do some research together - they alighted on the subject of sausages, food being very close to their hearts! This became an exploration involving history (what were sausages made from in Victorian times); preparing a 'going out' to question the local butcher about ingredients, farming pigs, selecting for the taste test for the class, trialling the new oven, conducting the survey and using IT to distil the results.

Not without some false starts - not wishing to christen a brand new oven with greasy fat from sausages, we used individual roasting bags which needed to be packaged and labelled. The new oven takes just as long to warm up as the old one, albeit it looks prettier - so doubling the cooking time, meant the sausages were done but piping hot still at home time! 2 lots of shopping - 2nd attempt was done in stages - cooked before lunch so that they were eatable for the afternoon.

With thanks to the butchers for their patience in wrapping and labelling individual sausages - twice!

Oh - and the new code - we found out how butchers in the Victorian times developed a code amongst themselves to determine how much to charge individual customers - before the introduction of weights and measures legislation

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