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The Coming of the Universe

The Great Stories are the vital lynchpin of a Montessori Elementary setting - they provide the umbrella under which other learning can be slotted. They provide a 'whole' picture and enable children to make connections between different areas of learning. They also are the spark for myriads of opportunities for further exploration. The more experienced children help prepare the materials for the stories, particularly this first one; and help with the telling it.

Following on from The Coming of the Universe, we split into small groups this afternoon to further explore the nature of solutions, solutes, chemical reactions, mixtures - using some of the science command cards. This introduction is also a preparation for the children to work with the cards on their own.

Conducting science experiments enables readers and non readers to work together. The work in and of itself is great learning and the intended consequence of this work is also to provide the means for children to take responsibility, to plan, prepare, observe and to reach conclusions.

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