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And we're still waiting - patiently and sensibly

Like all other places of learning, we closed our doors suddenly in March. Since then, we've been keeping in touch on Zoom twice a week. It took some patience and practice by us all in class to manage a new reality. We've got through chatting to the top of one head, the feet of another, the different and interesting backgrounds, the bizarre attempts at eye contact when you are looking at one place on the screen and the person you are talking to, pops up somewhere completely different!

We've alighted by trial and error on a reasonable pattern - the 'Monday idea' to explore together; and the 'Wednesday Project' to focus on for the following week - all very broad and loose but it gives us a bit of discipline for our conversations. We haven't mastered the art of singing together on Zoom! But we have enjoyed the demonstration by individuals of new skills on existing and self made instruments. And we are all getting good at telling jokes and making riddles.

Oh, and we've been to the Great Barrier Reef! Enormous fun! It was the topic for a Wednesday project contributed to by all the children. Journey planned, flights organised, accommodation options generated, diving instruction sorted, predators named (and shamed), an animal spotting wish list compiled, currency decided and, lastly, money raising ideas for our staycation put forth. A dive experienced too. We just don't have the photos or postcards to prove it! But we do have some beautiful geography, zoology, maths and logistics work to be able to create our own travel brochure when we return together.


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