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Children as Teachers

What better way to prove to yourself that you know something than to teach it to someone else. Within a Montessori setting, there are plenty of opportunities for more experienced children in something (not necessarily the older ones) to pass on their knowledge to us others.

Within the class over the past few weeks, we have had so many examples of children teaching others. We have several acting as reading buddies - taking their roles very seriously in listening to reading and using their own experience to coach. We have had a lesson given us from Crystal TV - sharing research in a highly engaging TV show, complete with adverts and a short quiz. One child has learnt a new concept and used her knowledge to revise it for a group of children. As the children attend different days, there is the opportunity for those who have had a presentation on one day to teach another child on a different day (as in the example below of one lad teaching another sub and main clauses).

Children enjoy learning from other children; and the teacher child has a chance to take on a leadership role, developing their own confidence and skills in the process.


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