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Lockdown 2 - week 1

Those who attended class had a great first day back, after the Christmas break. And, similar to schools in the UK, those who attended class had a great last day back, after the Christmas break!

One of the activities we participated in was the Mystery Science session, 'Do Masks Really Stop the Coronavirus?' The video session was interesting in itself not least because of the historical references it contained but also because of the real life examples.

What really made the difference was the bonus activities at the end of the video that we used both in our one afternoon together also for our Monday Idea session zoom this week.

Mystery Science invited us to think of creative ways to implement a 2 meter distance and to organise physically distanced parties and celebrations. Some of the children have continued thinking about this for the zoom session today .

We also took part in the other activities suggested - to come up with silly walks - I guess to lighten the mood of the community in these times. We will look to create a trail for our own class community when we return. On our zoom call, it provided a much needed physical activity to channel all our energies for a bit.

Another invitation on Mystery Science was to replicate pieces of art using household objects. We had such fun scurrying around class on Day 1 to do this. Some of the other children did this too for our zoom call - to great effect.

Here are the pieces of art that Mystery Science provided as examples:

Here are the children's interpretation of these pieces

Here is a beautiful interpretation of Frida Kahlo's Self Portrait With Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird

And a clever interpretation of Van Gogh's Dish with Citrus Fruit, retitled now by our artist, Dish with Bananas!


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