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September - Starting the new term with the first three Big Stories

We start the academic year off within a Montessori setting with the telling of the 5 big stories, to give children a big picture from which further learning can be slotted in.

The first big story is the Coming of the Universe. The children's own explorations of some of the ingredients contained within the story naturally follow. It was beautiful weather at the start of September and quite perfect for being able to both dry off from an exploration of centrifugal forces and also perfect to explore the strength of the sun's rays - with chocolate naturally!

The Timeline of Life is the 2nd big story which will often prompt research into individual animals, explorations of different classes of animals, classification of animals and research into different epochs, ice ages, evolution.

The story of the Coming of Human Beings leads to some great discussions about why we are different from other animals. We followed up this story by creating a walking timeline of the evolution of human beings - from one side of Home Park to the other!


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